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coldplay have carried my world since 2006

Chris and Jonny interview for iHeartRadio +

Coldplay: Ghost Stories the Film - O (Fly On) +

Coldplay to play in Las Vegas @ the iHeartRadio Music Festival 2014 (x)


Coldplay - Ghost Stories Era


Coldplay’s Road to Vegas - iHeartRadio Music Festival 2014 [x]

Chris Martin:  Often in a dream I get that. I get a recurring dream where we can't quite get the song together and after about 15 minutes people start leaving. And I'm looking at my fingers and I can't remember what to do. It's terrible.
Interviewer:  Have you shared this with a therapist?
Chris:  Not with a therapist, but with Jonny (Buckland) our guitarist. He's the next best thing. That's his role.


The band’s back in Vegas in September for this year’s iHeartRadio Music Festival. Info and ticket details at

X&Y Era

Two girls came up to me afterwards and said, ‘We heard you singing’, and then they both giggled and ran off, as if to say, ‘It was shit.’ And my whole life has been that day repeated ever since.

Chris Martin, on first singing in public at the age of 11. (via coldplay365)

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Coldplay Tribute: 3/??

As promised O!! 


Chris Martin photocall in Los Angeles (November 8, 2013)


Chris Martin - Cornflake Door

This was in my Coldplay folder “rarities and live tracks” I can’t stop laughing

I got a house with a cornflake door

And I get some milk and it opens it some more

I got a house with some cheese windows

I don’t know why it’s just the way it goes

Come and eat my house!

“The Mylo Xyloto tour has been the most fun we’ve ever had as a band. It’s felt very uplifting right from the start; partly because we are proud of the music, the LED wristbands, the pyrotechnics, the lasers and all of that stuff, but mainly because of the amazing audiences that we’ve been playing for.” - Chris Martin